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Anglie   Vasek’s Caramel from Český Krumlov

It is great to sweeten coffee, tea, grog, mulled wine, pudding, ice cream and fruit cups, for pancakes, grilled meats, or sauces.

"It is best for your health if you consume sugar in the form of caramel. Like this, the sugar becomes alkaline and the human body does not withdraw minerals needed for further processing.“

Czech product • 100 % handmade • No preservatives 

More about Caramel

Czech Karamel – makes life even sweeter….

Our home made liquid karamels are excellent in sweetening and enhancing the taste of your
coffee, tea, mulled wine, your rice pudding, ice cream sundaes, fruit salads and pancakes.
Crispy skin when roasting meat, excellent in red cabbage, sauces and gravies. Your
imagination need have no limits

The Original Karamel.
Our pure traditionally tasting Karamel – excellent in drinks -hot and cold, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, it will sweeten your semolina pudding, pancakes, yoghurts, refresh green salad dressing and crisp up the skin when roasting meat.

Coffee Karamel
Coffee used to flavour this caramel is exceptional for its delicate chocolate-hazelnut taste and the karamel is excellent in coffee, on fruit and ice-cream sundaes, pancakes, cakes, added to alcoholic drinks and eggnog liquors.

We recommend this Salted Chilli Karamel flavoured with rosemary on grilled steak, cheese, salads, marinades and a final touch brushed on roasted meat. Excellent on ice cream and for ‘real men’ in latte.

Hot Chilli
Salted Chilli Karamel for the brave! Flavoured with rosemary excellent on grilled steak, cheese, cheese and vegetable platters, marinades, ice cream and a final touch with a brush on roasted meat. In latte probably followed by a drink of cold water….

Limited to springtime our Dandelion caramel has the beneficial effect of being combined with herbs gathered in our nearby countryside. The dandelion absorbs the strong rays of the spring sunshine and during the rest of the year and the cold winter evenings transmits them in hot drinks of tea, hot lemon, salads, porridge and ice cream.

Limited to summer with the addition of blueberries gathered in the Sumava woods, this Karamel also includes cocoa and vanilla. Delicious on pancakes, ice-cream and fruit dumplings. It will enchant your tea and, in the winter, remind you of summer and the taste of our Czech blueberries – which incidentally are good for your health.

Gold Karamel
A luxury gift for a special occasion, this is a limited edition for those very important moments. It is unique as it contains minute slivers of 22crt, of edible catering gold. Will embellish ice-cream sundaes and add a sparkle to a glass of slivovic.

Our genuine homemade karamel with warming spices. Excellent in hot drinks, and ice cream. Cream it together with butter for a Christmas Karamel spread.